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A2 Heat Press (Code: )


The ONLY Giant Free-Arm, swing-away Heat Press with fully interchangeable Platens.

This industrial grade machine boasts state of the art control system with user set pressure and height to enable use on the widest range of products is the perfect cost-effective solution for anyone who wants to decorate anything from a shirt pocket to a flag.

Utilising the same interchangeable platen system as our hugely popular A3 range of press's the A2 comes with a huge 61x46cm heat area making it perfect for decorating those specialist unusual large object whilst retaining the flexibility to work on smaller items using our revolutionary interchangeable Platen system that allows you to instantly reconfigure your press in to the perfect format for whatever job you need to do.

From pockets to sleeves, bags, umbrellas, along seams, upside down and a whole host of other irregular shapes that had previously been impossible to print on without wasting considerable time and effort. 

This is undoubtedly the ESSENTIAL heat-press for anyone serious about garment decoration!

Price: £2100.00
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