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Polo Shirt Platen (Code: )


Utilising our unique interchangeable Platen system as found on all our A2 & A3 machines you can reconfigure your press for a wide variety of specialist projects in seconds. By switching to the perfect platen for the job (rather than using a generic base and spending time folding and prepping garments to fit) you can press 4-5 times quicker than with any other system.

Each platen is hand made in our workshops to your exact specification to ensure you get a tool that suits your needs perfectly and helps you to boost productivity and efficiency. Specific platens can be made to your requirements in any shape and size you could imagine but this platen is typically used for decorating directly on to Polo Shirts or Team Shirts. The cut-outs are designed to prevent damage to plastic buttons and accommodate the extra thickness caused by reinforcement found on these garments which can make achieving a good quality durable press very difficult with other machines

Price: £195.00
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